Crazy Brilliant Stars Errors & Misprints from the New Pokémon TCG Set

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars Errors

The newest Pokemon TCG set, Brilliant Stars, just released which introduces a new card type called VStar cards. This set has been subject to a lot of hype with these new VStar cards and it coming out right after the huge Switch title release, Pokemon Legends Arceus. This TCG set’s art is mostly revolving around the Pokemon, Arceus. There are chase cards in the set that everyone wants, especially the Rainbow Secret Rare VStar cards but other collectors are chasing errors and misprints. Here are some weird error and misprint cards from the new Brilliant Stars set.

Half Card Infernape

This might be my favorite error card I’ve seen in a while. This Infernape card looks like it was only half printed! The top half of the art is completely blank and missing. We haven’t seen this misprint with any other cards but if you’re able to find a card like this, there are plenty of error collectors that want it.

Cheren’s Care Holo Stripe

This Cheren’s Care Secret Rare has a horizontal holographic line on it. We’ve seen these Holo Stripe cards before and fans always argue if it’s damaged or an error but that doesn’t take away from how interesting it is. With how many cards like this are out there, you can definitely start a collection with just this specific error.

Off Center Pikachu

Twitter user @switchstock posted this card that’s incredibly off center. Off center error cards are very common but to have one as drastic as this can be valuable. This one is so far off center, you can see another card on the left side of it. This happens when the sheets of Pokemon cards are being cut during the manufacturing process.

VStar Errors

Glitter Charizard VStar

This is most likely another damaged card but it’s very unique. The entire bottom half of the card is covered in holographic print, but the wording and art is messed up. A reply in the Reddit thread compared it to messy glitter and that’s exactly what it looks like. With how rare this card is in general, I don’t think many people would be happy to pull it in this condition but other collectors would be ecstatic to have something so unique.

Bent Arceus VStar

Sadly, this is another damaged card that’s not necessarily a misprint but still seems to be a manufacturing error. Damaged cards such as this are usually worth less than usual unless there are collectors that want that specific type of error. This card seems to have a peculiar vertical bend that doesn’t seem like it could be done on purpose. It’s an interesting case, nonetheless.

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