Official Hisuian Pokemon Plushies Dropping on Pokemon Center

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Plushies

It’s been more than a month since Pokemon Legends Arceus came out on the Nintendo Switch. Fans have been able to play through the game and catch several new Hisuian Pokemon in the Hisui Region. Enough time has went by that a new generation of Pokemon has been announced, called Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! But we have yet to see Hisuian Pokemon plushies be sold on Pokemon Center until today. A lot of fans have been wanting these new Pokemon in plush form and we may be finally getting them!

Hisuian Growlithe Plush

On Friday, @PokemonNewsUK on Twitter announced that a Hisuian Growlithe Poke Plush has been added to the PokemonCenter store in the UK. Sadly, this isn’t available to North America or other country just yet but most likely will be soon. If you’re not in the UK, keep your eye out for this plush and other plushies to drop soon. Many fans have been waiting for a Hisuian Zorua plushie to be released by the Pokemon Center. This new plush being added to the store could hint that more Hisuian Pokemon plushies are coming soon.

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