Will Pokemon Scarlet & Violet be like Legends Arceus?

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be like Legends Arceus

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Be Like Arceus?

The Pokémon Company just announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as the 9th generation of Pokemon games. Pokemon Legends Arceus was an experimental game that explored new gameplay mechanics and styles we’ve never seen before in a Pokemon game. Not only did a lot change in this new Switch title but it worked! Players loved the refreshing new gameplay that Legends Arceus brought to the franchise and fans want more. This begs the question, will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be like Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Scarlet & Violet Gameplay Mechanics

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will likely inherit some gameplay mechanics from Pokemon Legends Arceus but it’s unclear which ones yet. One thing we can infer from the new trailer is that Pokemon and trainer battles will all be in the overworld just like Legends Arceus. This means there won’t be a loading screen or transition when entering and exiting battles. This is arguably one of the best quality of life updates to the franchise so it’s not a surprise this will become the new normal.

Catching Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

When answering the question is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet like Arceus, the biggest question is if catching Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will be the same as Legends Arceus. Although this was a very fun gameplay mechanic, it might sadly be reserved for future Legends games and we may see this Gen 9 game go back to the old way of catching Pokemon in battle. This will be okay as long as it feels quicker than previous games. Legends Arceus is a very fast paced game so players might find it boring if the gameplay feels too slow.

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