Hidden Modern Room Discovered in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus secret hidden modern room

Recently, a hidden room was discovered in Pokemon Legends Arceus by Twitter user @DeepGameRes that has modern decor and future technology that doesn’t exist at the time when Legends Arceus take place. This looks similar to a room you would see in the beginning of every other Pokemon game. The assets used in this secret room aren’t found anywhere else in the game, such as a Nintendo Switch and TV. Usually PokePatch doesn’t cover leaked information but this is an exception because we don’t believe this will be used for any future Legends Arceus content so it’s not really a leak.

Easter Egg or Secret Room?

This is most likely not an Easter egg because it doesn’t seem to be accessible to players. This hidden bedroom isn’t just some out of bounds place, it’s in another map entirely that players can’t normally get to. This map was probably used for development purposes as it looks like an empty flat plain of grass. The most popular theory in the community right now is that this room was supposed to be used for the intro to Pokemon Legends Arceus before your character falls through the space-time rift. This would confirm that the trainer you play as comes from the future. This could have been cut out so they could introduce the game and Arceus in a more mysterious way.

Unused Map

Deep Game Research is still looking into this specific unused map and recently found that it’s not fully flat. In this video you can see there’s a huge ravine or valley like mountain structure and they confirm this map is very large. So far, it still seems like an early test map for developers. If not, it could be an early version of DLC content. If you’d like to see more updates on this unused content as the community finds more, follow @DeepGameRes on Twitter.

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