Pokemon Unite is Holding a $1,000,000 World Championship. Here’s How It Works

PokePatch Pokemon Unite 1 million dollar world championships

Pokemon Unite has been out for a while now and players have had plenty of time to put hours into becoming impressively good at this new MOBA style Pokemon game. There has been talk about ESports and events for this game on a small scale but Pokemon has finally officially announced a World Championship for Pokemon Unite players to show off their skills. Participants will potentially win a part of the $1,000,000 in prizes in this tournament based in London, England.

How to Register for World Championship

To register to be in the Pokemon Unite World Championship, you’ll first want to make sure you meet the requirements. You must be in the Masters Division and born before the year 2005 or at least 18 years old depending on the country you reside. If you meet these requirements you can register here. Once you’re registered you’ll be able to take part in qualifying matches in your Regional Zone and earn Championship Points (CP). The amount of CP you gain will determine if you and your team qualify for tournaments.

Regional Tournaments & Aoes Cup

Regional Tournaments determine which teams quailfy for the Regional Championships by comparing player and teams CP. The Aoes Cup is a special tournament during the Regional Zone tournaments in April that will award prizes and more CP to winners. At the end of the Qualifying phase, the top 8 teams in CP for each Regional Zone will earn a spot in the Regional Championships.

Prize Money for Aoes Cup

  • First Place Team = $10,000
  • Second Place Team = $5,000
  • Third Place Team = $4,000

Regional Championships

Starting June 2022, Regional Championships will take place. Top teams from the Qualifying tournaments and Aoes Cup will participate for a chance at a spot in the World Championships. Only a total of 12 teams will earn a spot.

Prize Money for Regional Championships

  • First Place Team = $20,000
  • Second Place Team = $10,000
  • Third Place Team = $8,000

World Championships

At the end of monthly regional championships, winning and top teams from different regions will receive an invitation to the World Championships. These teams will fly out to London and must maintain the team roster they were invited with.

Prize Money for World Championships

  • First Place Team = $100,000
  • Second Place Team = $75,000
  • Third Place Team = $65,000

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