No, You Can’t Get Pokemon Legends Arceus On Your Phone. Don’t Fall For These Scams

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus download on mobile scam

How To Download Pokemon Legends Arceus On Your Phone

You Can’t.

Mobile Download Scams

Recently there have been videos going up on YouTube luring people into believing you can play Pokemon Legends Arceus on your mobile device. While lying to you, they lead you to sketchy websites that require you to download something on your mobile device that’s most likely a virus and they have you complete offers and click advertisements for a “verification”. This is one of the oldest scams on the internet, people promising free stuff as long as you download something or give them personal info. It never works and they make money off of you wasting your time.

Obviously most people reading this know that these are scams and would never fall for such a thing. The problem is some people, mostly kids, will fall victim to this. I was a kid once trying to get free RuneScape memberships and other sketchy offers. In the end, I fell for a lot of lies. After all, why not? In this situation you can’t see how many dislikes the video has and most of the comments are positive, so it looks legit to the unsuspecting eye. This type of content is unacceptable and we encourage people to report if you see suspicious content on YouTube or elsewhere. These videos should be taken down so no one falls victim to this.

A Pokemon fan by the name of @TheAbsol on Twitter was one of the first to call out these videos. They investigate further and point out other details such as one channel being inactive for 14 years before uploading a scam tutorial. This thread caught the attention of @TeamYouTube as they responded that they’re looking into this.

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