Pokemon Legends Arceus Glitches That Will Make You Laugh

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus funny glitches

Funny Glitches in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, has been out for a few weeks now and at this point players have explored every corner of the game, besides some hidden content that players are still finding. This also means players have encountered a number of bugs and glitches, most of which are just plain funny to look at. Here are some glitches that don’t necessarily break the game but are interesting nonetheless.

Graphical Stretching Glitch

This first one is a rare glitch where a character model is stretched out and just looks like a jumbled mess of polygons. In this clip the player comes across a Chingling that doesn’t look like anything resembling a Pokemon. We’ve seen this happened to Pokemon and Trainers alike but we’re not sure exactly what causes this. For fans that used to play the MMORPG Runescape this one might look familiar as some updates to characters or animations in that game would cause a bug very similar looking to this. Overall this is just a funny visual glitch that isn’t game breaking but will certainly pull you out of immersion and confuse any player.

Running In Place Cutscene Glitch

A reddit user posted this cutscene glitch where their character is running in place the entire time Commander Kamado is talking. This possibly occurred by a controller input being listened to after the cutscene already started but we haven’t seen it recreated yet so we’re not sure what caused this one either. Either way it’s funny to see the character completely ignoring the serious dialog while running on a treadmill.

Running Around Irida Glitch

This is another graphical glitch that doesn’t effect gameplay so much but looks really weird. A Twitter user found if you run in circles around Irida, in the Alabaster Icelands at a certain part of the story’s progression, you’ll see a character model in the distance become larger and larger until it covers your whole screen. No one’s sure what causes this specific action to make a texture stretch out like this but it’s so random you can’t help but wonder how players found this.

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