Early Pokemon Legends Arceus Glitches Have Been Discovered

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus early glitches found

Legends Arceus Glitches

Pokemon Legends Arceus has only been out for a short amount of time but there are a few bugs in the game that players have discovered. Thankfully none are game breaking and there aren’t that many but it’s always interesting to see glitches in big games such as this one. We don’t encourage anyone to recreate glitches or abuse bugs to their advantage. Not only does it ruin the fun but we don’t know if developers will have penalties for players using these glitches in the future.

Super Speed Glitch

This is just a fun little glitch, also known as the moon walking glitch, that many players have been running into on their journey around Hisui. It doesn’t seem game breaking or very advantageous but it is interesting. If your trainer takes damage and gets knocked back on a slanted surface, such as a cliff, you’ll suddenly gain super speed. Your running speed will be noticeably increased but your walking speed will stay the same. If you mount or take damage again it seems the glitch will come to an end and you will return to the normal running speed. The community has joked that this will become a huge part of speed running in Legends Arceus but odds are that this glitch will be fixed in a future patch.

Duplication Glitch

This glitch is very advantageous and is not recommended. There is a duplication glitch in the game, meaning you can dupe items. We won’t be explaining this in detail because we don’t encourage players to use these bugs to their advantage. Put simply, utilizing the Lost and Found system can create multiple satchels in some instances. When other people find these satchels, the player that dropped them will receive those duplicate items. This bug will also likely get patched in a future update so players don’t abuse this.

Flying Gyrados

In the Obsidian Fieldlands, early in the game, you’ll encounter a flying Gyrados. When the game first came out many players thought this was a glitch because we don’t normally see Gyrados flying so high in previous games. This one is most likely an intentional design choice but has bewildered players for a while and had to be put on the list because many thought it was a bug. Gyrados is actually a flying/water type, which has been confused people for years. Now we can see clearly why Gyrados is a flying type Pokemon.

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