Pokemon Go is Getting Pokemon Cards in a TCG Expansion Set

PokePatch Pokemon Go is getting a TCG set

Today an official post came from the Pokemon Go Live website announcing that Pokemon Go is getting its own TCG expansion set in June of this year, 2022! This means we’ll finally see Pokemon Go cards. Most Pokemon Go players thought this would happen years ago when the game came out so fans have been wanting this for quite some time. There were Pokemon Go related cards such as an exclusive Professor Willow but not much more than that until now. Now we’ll finally see Pokemon Go themed cards in the TCG.

Pokemon Go Booster Pack Information

English booster packs will have 10 trading cards while Japanese packs will contain 6 cards. We’ve found that Japanese packs with lower card counts sometimes have higher pull rates for rare cards so it may be the same in this case. The art on the packs have been released and features Mewtwo, Larvitar, Pikachu, Gyrados, Blissey, Aipom, Conkeldurr, and Professor Willow. It’s likely all of these Pokemon and characters will have their own cards in the set.

Sometimes it feels like the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon gaming communities are separate but this expansion set will bring both communities together. This also means there will be more demand for this set because people that don’t normally collect Pokemon cards and just play Pokemon Go will now be looking to buy packs. We expect these booster packs to be highly sought after and might be hard to come by when the set releases but we’ll have to wait and see.

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