Hisuian Pokemon Cards Revealed! New Battle Legion TCG Set s9a

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New Hisuian Pokemon Cards

There have been multiple Hisuian Pokemon cards revealed in the upcoming set in the TCG. These feature Kleavor, Wyrdeer, and multiple Wardens from Pokemon Legends Arceus. The set number on these cards are s9a. This means these Hisuian cards will be in the next Pokemon TCG set, Battle Legion, which some sources also call this set Battle Region. This new set features a range of cards from the Sinnoh and Hisui regions and introduces a new type of card called Sparkling Pokemon, similar to Shiny Pokemon.

Will There be More Hisuian Pokemon Cards?

The short answer is yes. We will definitely see Hisuian Pokemon be featured in future Pokemon cards and TCG expansion sets because Pokemon Legends Arceus is considered a main line game and introduces many new Pokemon. The real question is when. We already know the Pokemon Company is releasing an Arceus themed set this month called Star Birth and have now revealed a few Hisuian cards.

When Are Hisuian Cards and Legends Arceus Sets Coming?

There are a lot of hints pointing towards the end of Sword and Shield expansions in the TCG. This means the Pokemon Company might be moving to the next generation of Pokemon cards, which we all know is Pokemon Legends Arceus. If this happens we won’t just see one pack of Legends Arceus cards, we’ll see multiple sets. When this switch happens will most likely be when we’ll see more Hisui related Pokemon cards.

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