What Popular Streamers Think About Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Popular Twitch Streamers opinions

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been out for about a week, giving plenty of time for people to play the game and form opinions on it. Usually the first people to hop on big new games such as this are live streamers and YouTubers in the gaming genre. It seems many streamers have enjoyed the game lately and of course have their own criticism of it. We didn’t include PokeTubers in this list because most of them seem to love the game too much to say anything bad! Even Professional game critics have rated the game highly compared to previous titles. Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch have played the game too, here are their opinions.

xQc’s Review

Naturally, xQc was impatient at the start of the game. The tutorial and prologue is a little extensive so it’s not surprising some people want to get through it faster. Felix mentions the sound design has no layering and is very simple and he did not want to participate in side quests. He later warms up to the game and finds himself battling many alpha Pokemon and catching wild Pokemon. This proves Legends Arceus throws you so many distractions in between main missions that it’s impossible to do missions without finding yourself getting lost in catching Pokemon or exploring Hisui. Overall he plays the game for quite a while and enjoyed the new experience and game mechanics.

MoistCr1tikal’s Review

MoistCritikal, on the other hand, takes his time exploring all the new game mechanics and catching different Pokemon, like many people do when they first play the game. He says that he prefers the old games but recently found them becoming stale with the same old copy and paste format. He explains there are plenty of problems in this new one but you can’t call Legends Arceus a money grab because they tried so many new things. He also states the Pokedex research is too grindy, the environments are too empty, and other valid critiques he goes into on his channel. Overall, he mentions, it isn’t perfect but it’s fun and if they keep going in this direction they’ll eventually make a game that’s really good.

Buy Pokemon Legends: Arceus

We can say our opinion on Pokemon Legends Arceus all day but that doesn’t give you the full experience of why this game is bigger than the rest. Buy a copy today and explore Hisui for yourself!

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