Will There Be More Pokemon Legends Games?

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has only been out for about a week and people are already speculating what’s next. Fans were presently surprised by the new features and game mechanics Legends Arceus brings to the table and people want more! There’s talk about Legends Arceus DLC and if there will be future games similar to this one. Let’s talk about when a new Pokemon Legends game will come out and what it would look like.

Why There Will Be Other Pokemon Legends Games

Its safe to say Legends Arceus has changed Pokemon forever. From the new catching system to immersive controls, players obviously want more. GameFreak can go back to the old style of gameplay and still make amazing games as they have in the past. But ignoring the reach this title has would be a big oversight. The gameplay in Pokemon Legends Arceus is fast paced and focused on story and exploration while the previous games were more focused on grinding and slower paced gym trainer battles. This isn’t a bad thing, there have been plenty of great Pokemon games with that formula but the new gameplay we see in Legends Arceus is so refreshing and is setting a new bar for future Pokemon games.

Another hint there there will be more games like this is in the name, itself. Why wouldn’t they just call it Pokemon Legends or Pokemon Legends of Arceus? The way the name and logo alone, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, is laid out it seems like they planned for more games in the same format. You could keep the name Pokemon Legends and plug in a different Pokemon in place of Arceus and the same goes for how the logo is designed.

The Next Pokemon Legends Game

That being said, what will the next Pokemon Legends game be about? Since Legends Arceus is based in the Sinnoh region from Diamond and Pearl, it’s not far out of the realm of possibility that they continue from that point. The game that came after Diamond and Pearl was Pokemon Black and White so it may be Pokemon Legends: Kyurem. There was also a remake of Gold and Silver before that so it could be Pokemon Legends: Celebi. Many fans are nominating the next game to be Pokemon Legends: Zygarde, which is a popular legendary from Pokemon X and Y. Though, this game is relatively recent compared to other ideas so we might have to wait a while for that one. Regardless, I would be surprised if they didn’t make more Pokemon Legends games. It’s a huge opportunity for GameFreak and the Pokemon franchise in general.

When Will The Next Pokemon Legends Come Out?

Pokemon Legends Arceus came out more than 2 years after Pokemon Sword and Shield. With this in mind we can expect another Pokemon game like this to come out in 2 years at the soonest. The key is to not rush the developers, though. If we want a better game than Legends Arceus, we need to allow developers time to make the game. For now most developers are still likely working on updates and possible DLC for Legends Arceus. It may be a while before we see the next game so we should enjoy this one while it lasts. What do you think the next game will be about?

Buy Pokemon Legends: Arceus

These other games will take a while to come out so we not explore Hisui while we can? Buy a copy of Pokemon Legends: Arceus today and experience the new game yourself!

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  1. Here Are A Few Possible Pokemon Legends Titles: Pokemon Legejnds: Mew, Pokemon Legends: Celebi, Pokemon Legends: Jirachi, And Pokemon Legends: Victini.

  2. Here Are A Few Possible Pokemon Legends Titles: Pokemon Legends: Mew, Pokemon Legends: Celebi, Pokemon Legends: Jirachi, And Pokemon Legends: Victini.

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