Request Guide: 8 Bothersome Bidoof – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Request Information

Three trouble-making Bidoof have invaded the village! Tsumugi from the Security Corps needs your help to catch them all.


  • Rare Candy x1

Below are spoilers for this specific request. Scroll down only if you want the answers.

Request Guide

Your task is to add a Bidoof to your party and locate the 3 hiding Bidoofs in Jubilife Village. Make sure to have a Bidoof in your party or else they will run away from you.

Bidoof Locations

Below you’ll see the locations for each Bidoof in Bothersome Bidoof. All three Bidoofs are inside Jubilife Village but not in any buildings.

If a Bidoof runs away

If one of the Bidoofs run away, this is because you don’t have a Bidoof in your party. Add a Bidoof to your party from the pasture. Then you’ll need to load back into Jubilife Village. The easiest way to do this is to enter a nearby building such as your lodgings and exit again. Once you’ve done that, the remaining Bidoof will spawn back in the same spots.

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