Space Time Distortions Explained & Strategy in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Distortions Strategy Guide

What Are Space Time Distortions in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out and we’re quickly discovering many new features in the game that were not shown in trailers. One of those new features are space-time distortions. These are dark bubbles that spawn randomly across the Hisui region. Inside these bubbles you’ll find rare items and rare Pokemon but you always want to be very cautious. Pokemon inside these dark distortion bubbles are usually stronger than your average Pokemon. Not only will they attack you with more force but you may be attack by many Pokemon at once upon entering. This is the risk you have to take to get closer to more rare Pokemon.

Forming Distortions

Space-time distortions seem to start spawning in Legends Arceus after you reach Rank 2. They spawn more often when you’re more active catching Pokemon or collecting resources. When a distortion first spawns, you’ll get a notification on your screen saying a space time distortion is forming and it will be marked on your map. From here you’ll have about 5 minutes to get to the distortion before its active. You’ll notice during this time it will appear as a transparent bubble like shape. Once it’s fully formed, it will turn dark purple and stronger, rare Pokemon will start spawning.

Pokemon Legends Arceus space time distortion forming bubble

Strategy for Catching Rare Pokemon

Though, you have to be careful inside these distortions, there are safe ways to utilize these areas. Hide in tall grass and catch Pokémon inside the space-time distortion as they spawn. If you’re spotted, run away until you’re in the clear and then sneak back in the grass. Here you’ll be able to constantly catch common and rare Pokemon that spawn with in the distortion without having to battle or dodge attacks.

What Are Shards Used For?

Another thing you’ll often see in these dark bubbles are red, blue, and green shards lying on the ground. These can be useful later in the game to craft star pieces. Star pieces are expensive valuable items that can be sold to shops and Ginko guide members for a high price.

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