Hisuian Pokemon Are Being Added to Pokemon Go

PokePatch Pokemon Go Hisuian added Legends Arceus

Pokemon Go officially announced they’re adding Hisuian Voltorb. In this article they hinted at some sort of time travel at play. This means they’ll likely be adding more Hisuian Pokemon in the coming weeks and months. Just last month we saw the Season of Heritage update where they hinted that more Legends Arceus themed content coming. With the release of the new Pokemon Legends Arceus game on Switch, it makes sense for them to add the new Pokémon in this game as well.

Hisuian Voltorb in Pokemon Go

As of today, January 30th, you’re able to catch Hisuian Voltorb. There are many spawning in the wild so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one for now. Spawn rates may change as more Pokemon are released. It seems you can’t yet evolve it into a Hisuian Electrode but that will probably be added soon as well. Just until January 31th, you’ll also find Shadow Voltorbs in all Team Go Rocket grunts’ parties! It also seems normal Shiny Voltorbs are spawning at a higher rate for now so you might get lucky and find a Shiny!

We’re looking forward to seeing and catching more Hisuian regional forms in Pokemon Go and maybe even brand new Pokemon such as Kleavor, Basculegion, and Wyrdeer! For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what all they’ll add into the game.

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