What Are Merit Points & Lost and Found in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Lost and Found Satchels and Merit Points

What is Lost and Found?

Multiple new features have been added to Pokemon Legends Arceus compared to previous Pokemon games. One of those features is the fact that your trainer can take damage directly. This means you’re also able to faint. That’s where the lost and found system comes in. This is a new online feature that connects you with other players around the world in a way like never before. This means to access this feature you’ll need to make sure you’re connected to the internet via settings and you may need a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Since this is such a new feature not a lot of player know what happens when your trainer faints. When your trainer faints, you lose items and drop a satchel. If another player picks up your satchel, you get your items back and they’ll receive Merit Points as a reward.

How To Claim MP

Once you’ve found a lost satchel, to claim your rewards go to the Communications menu by pressing the up button and using ZR or ZL to navigate to it. Once you’re there, select Lost and Found and select the satchel you found to claim your Merit Points.

What are Merit Points Used For?

Merit Points or MP can be earned by picking up satchels across Hisui. Once you’ve done this go back to Jubilife Village and talk to Simona. Here you’ll be able to trade with other players and use Merit Points to buy Rare Candy and certain Evolution stones.

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus trading post Merit Points Simona

Can You Find Your Own Satchel?

It’s not possible to find or retrieve your own satchel. Once you’ve fainted and dropped items, those items are gone until someone else picks them up for you. This is why it’s important to pick up other satchels you see around the world because you would want the same done for yourself. Not only is it a great way to help other players out, you’ll be rewarded for your kindness.

Where are Lost Satchels?

You can find lost satchels all over the Hisui region. When you’re in a certain area, such as the Obsidian Fieldlands look at the map and you may see an icon that resembles a bag. Once you hover over this it will tell you who’s satchel it is. You can find this in the world and pick it up for rewards.

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