Shiny Fails in Pokemon Legends Arceus That Will Make You Feel Better About Shiny Hunting

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus funny shiny fails

Pokemon Legends Arceus released this week and everyone is exploring new and reworked old features. Among those features is finding and catching shiny Pokemon, which has changed quite a bit compared to previous games. Catching your first shiny Pokemon is an exciting moment but many people are losing their first shinys and many more due to it being more difficult than past games. There are already tons of shiny fails being shared from Twtich streams and YouTube videos. A shiny fail is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when you try to catch a shiny Pokemon and fail to catch it. This could be caused by the Pokemon running away, your trainer fainting, or other unfortunate situations. Here are some of the funniest shiny fails we’ve seen this week.

Shiny Floatzel Fail by @PhillyBeatzU

This shiny fail doesn’t just redeem my self esteem, it’s one of the funniest Legends Arceus clips I’ve seen so far. This streamer’s trainer is already close to fainting right as they come across a shiny Floatzel. As they throw a Pokeball at the shiny Pokemon another Pokemon attacks him, making them faint and lose the shiny.

Shiny Kricketot Fail by @Patterrz

This shiny fail is just painful because it wasn’t a lack of skill. This streamer only got one shot at this shiny Kricketot before it runs away. This shows that depending on the auto focus aiming feature is not helpful when hunting shinys as sometime’s you’ll aim at the wrong Pokemon as the shiny runs away.

Shiny Happiny Fail by @REVERSALx7

In this clip, the amount of times they miss Pokeball throws makes me feel better about my own aim in the game when catching Pokemon. The reaction to losing this shiny is hilarious.

Shiny Geodude Fail by @GalacticElliot

This streamer found a shiny Geodude but didn’t even get the chance to attempt to catch it. While you’re doing the balloon popping race mini game on Wyrdeer, you can’t throw Pokeballs and you’re stuck on your mount. If you encounter a shiny during this event, you’re extremely unlucky because you won’t be able to catch it. All you’re able to do is sit and watch your dreams fade away as the mini game timer counts down. Once the mini game ends, you’ll spawn back at the beginning, away from the Pokemon. That’s exactly what happened to this streamer.

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