Tips and Tricks on Catching Shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Hunting Guide Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out now! Along with all of the new features that we’re exploring, shiny hunting has changed quite a bit from the previous games. We put together an early guide on finding and catching shiny Pokemon. This will be updated as more information is found!

How to find Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus are visible from the overworld. This means you don’t have to enter battle or engage with a Pokemon at all to tell if it’s shiny or not. Although this makes it less tedious to hunt shinys, it doesn’t make it any easier. Shiny Pokemon can run away from you while you try to catch it. That’s why it’s good to learn how to spot shiny Pokemon so you know what you’re looking for and what to do when you see one. Here is a shiny hunting guide and some great tips and tricks to help you hunt and catch shiny Pokemon around Hisui!

  • Save the game

While shiny hunting, make sure to turn auto save off and when you see a shiny Pokemon, save your game! This is very important if you want to increase your odds of catching the shiny. If you fail to catch it or it runs away, you can simply load your saved game and the shiny will be back. For some people this may feel like you’re cheesing or cheating the game but with how rare shiny Pokemon are, we don’t blame anyone for doing this. Go get those shinies!

  • Listen for sound cues

Always have your sound turned up. This might be the easiest indicator to recognize that a shiny is nearby because you don’t have to actively look around. While you’re running around Hisui, listen for a slight “bling” sound. This distinct sound plays as if you’ve discovered something and even when you’re not hunting shinys, it’s hard to miss. You can hear this sound cue in PhillyBeatzU’s video below.

  • Look for different colors and sparkles

This one sounds obvious but we don’t see shinys a lot so you might not recognize it. Sometimes you can pass right by one without even noticing. Always look for Pokemon that look a different color than they normally are. Some shinys are gold, green, pink, or just a slightly different color than what they normally are. This variety of differences between shinies makes them hard to identify sometimes, so another thing to look for are sparkles! When a shiny first spawns, gold stars and sparkles will appear around them. This animation only lasts a second so if you hear a sound cue, quickly look around.

How to Increase Shiny Odds

There are four factors that determine your odds of catching a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. All of these things increase your chances of finding and catching a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

  • Pokedex Research Level 10 (+1)
  • Pokedex Research Perfect (+2)
  • Shiny Charm (+3)
  • Mass Outbreak (+25)

Ultimate Mass Outbreak Method

Talking to Ress, in Jubilife Village, will point you towards Mass Outbreak locations. These locations will have a cluster of the same Pokemon. You can go to these Mass Outbreak locations and find 4 of the same Pokemon. The best part about this is when you catch one, another will spawn until the outbreak is over. Going to these mass outbreak locations will increase your odds of getting a shiny Pokemon and you may get lucky and find one. This is a great way to hunt shinies because it spawns multiple of the same Pokemon in a small location. PhillyBeatzU explains this method best in this YouTube video below!

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