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After the long wait, Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out! We’re able to explore the Hisui region ourselves but don’t get too hasty. This game isn’t fully open world. You’ll need to complete missions and level up your rank to unlock more places. Here you’ll find all of the open areas you can unlock. We’ve labeled each area in a different color. Below you’ll also see the Pokemon Legends Arceus map for each area and an explanation on how to unlock each location. The further you scroll down, the further you see into the game’s progression. To avoid spoilers only scroll down to the map that you need.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Map of Hisui

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisui full map all areas
All Areas of Hisui Map in Pokemon Legends Arceus

All Locations and Maps

Here we listed every map in Hisui and how to unlock each area.

Where is Jubilife Village?

Jubilife Village is on the far West side of the map. This area is unlocked at the beginning of the game as soon as your start your journey. Here is the Hisui map of Jubilife Village.

Where is Jubilife Village

Where is Obsidian Fieldlands?

Obsidian Fieldlands is right next to Jubilife Village on the South West side of Hisui. You unlock this area right after joining the Survey Corps. Here is the map of Obsidian Fieldlands.

Where is Obsidian Fieldlands

Where is Crimson Mirelands?

The Crimson Mirelands are over the Southern mountains on the South East side of the map. You’ll unlock this open area after beating the first boss in Obsidian Fieldlands and reaching Rank 2. Here is the map of Crimson Mirelands.

Where is Crimson Mirelands

Where is Cobalt Coastlands?

You’ll find the Cobalt Coastlands at the far East side of the map. You unlock this location once you’ve beaten the boss in the previous area and reach Rank 3. Here is the map of Cobalt Coastlands.

Where is Cobalt Coastlands

Where is Coronet Highlands?

Coronet Highlands are in the middle of the map, around Mount Coronet. To unlock this area, beat the boss in Cobalt Coastlands and reach Rank 4. Here is the map of Coronet Highlands.

Where is Coronet Highlands

Where is Alabaster Icelands?

The Alabaster Icelands are on the far North side of Hisui. To unlock this location, beat the boss in Coronet Highlands and reach Rank 5. Here is the map of Alabaster Icelands.

Where is Alabaster Icelands

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