Early Reviews of Pokemon Legends Arceus Are Already Better Than Previous Games

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Early Reviews

After all of the mysterious trailers and community hype, Pokemon Legends Arceus finally released and there’s already reviews detailing what critics think about the game. It’s safe to assume some of these reviewers got early access to the game as they’ve already explored most of the game, which takes a long time. That being said, these people know what they’re talking about and have developed an opinion overtime instead of making a quick review after just starting the game. There won’t be spoilers here but there are spoilers in many reviews, so I would advise not reading too deep into reviews before playing the game yourself.

This Tweet above compiled review scores from various sources and it’s safe to say it’s being rated pretty highly. These scores are correlated to how this Pokemon game stands out compared to previous ones. From the massive map size to the amount of new features in this game, love it or hate it, GameFreak tried something new. This was a refreshing take on how a Pokemon game should function. We’re so used to the same old formula of Pokemon games but it was a time to step out of that comfort zone. This is evident with how the community treats Sword and Shield, I personally liked SwSh but many fans don’t agree because it felt stale and unadventurous to them. Hopefully Pokemon Legends Arceus will be the game to revive the series with how much it changes the game.

These high scores can also seem surprising when you consider how many complaints we saw from the Pokemon community when early trailers showed unpolished graphics and features we’re not used to. But most of that comes from trailers when the game wasn’t finished yet. Now that the game is out, you can clearly see the amount of work developers put into polishing the game. From the subtle animations, better lighting, and voluptuous foliage, there have been many improvements. There are, of course, games with better graphics out there but Legends Arceus has definitely improved since the first trailer released a year ago. This also isn’t to say there aren’t bad reviews of Legends Arceus. For example, a critic from IGN rated it 7/10. This score seemed to be lowered by them not liking the battle system and some areas feeling empty to them. So obviously there are areas of the game that can be better. What are your thoughts on the game so far?

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