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Request Information

Yota is alarmed by the unusual Ponyta that frequents the Horseshoe Plains. He wants you to catch it for him.


  • Razz Berry x5

Below are spoilers for this specific request. Scroll down only if you want the answers.

Request Guide

Once you catch the Shiny Ponyta and return to Yota, who gives you the side quest, you do not have to give it to them. You’ll only show it to them. This means you’ll be able to keep the Shiny Ponyta after the request is finished.

How to get Shiny Ponyta

Go the the request marker in the Obsidian Fieldlands. From here, a short cutscene will play and a Shiny Ponyta will spawn. I

Peculiar Ponyta location map

If Shiny Ponyta Runs Away

If you fail to catch the Shiny Ponyta, don’t worry as it will spawn again. If the Shiny Ponyta runs away, to get it to respawn, you’ll need to travel to Jubilife Village and then back to the Obsidian Fieldands. If you want to avoid this issue, you can save the game before you attempt to catch the shiny Ponyta and load the game if it runs away. This strategy of saving and loading the game also works for other shinys you find though out Hisui.

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