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Request 45 Information

Shellos can look different depending on where they live, and the clothier Anthe thinks seeing that will inspire her. Show her two Shellos with different appearances.


  • New items added to the clothier’s lineup!
Shellos of the east and west request info

Below are spoilers for this specific request. Scroll down only if you want the answers.

Request Guide

The East and West Shellos look very different as one is pink and the other is blue. But they’re found on opposite coasts. This means you’ll have to travel to two different areas and do some of the main story to unlock the Cobalt Coastlands.

West Shellos Location

The West Sea Shellos is located in the Obsidian Fieldlands and is the Pink Shellos. These Pokemon can be found South of the Sandgem Flats along the coast.

West Shellos Location

East Shellos Location

After you’ve unlocked the Cobalt Coastlands area and Basculegion, you’ll be able to find the East Coast Shellos or the Blue Shellos. These Pokemon are located out on islands in the Cobalt Coastlands that are highlighted below on the map.

East Shellos Location

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