A New Pokémon Card Has Been Announced! Here’s Why It’s Important

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG new VStar Card

If you haven’t seen it yet, this week Pokémon released an epic video that reveals a new type of Pokémon card. This new card will be introduced in a Japanese set called “Star Birth” coming out in January 2022. In the video it shows the new VSTAR card, specifically the Arceus VStar.

For Collectors

Collectors are excited about this new card because it’s the first new type of card we’ve seen since the release of V and Vmax cards. The new VStar card is presumably more rare than both of these types of cards and they look amazing. With a full art style, a holographic face, and featuring a legendary Pokémon, this seems like an Ultra rare in the making. It also has a silver border, this is a nice change from the normal yellow or the current black border we see on V cards. When these first come out everyone is going to want them and the price is probably going to be insanely high. We recommend, if this happens, waiting a few months before making the decision to buy this as there will be many more VStar cards coming out in the future and the price will go down at some point.

For Players

This new VStar card might be even more exciting for players of the TCG than collectors of these cards. The new card adds a new mechanic in game that could change everything. Many people are arguing whether it is balanced or over powered, but we won’t really know until it comes out. All we know is when The Pokemon Company makes new cards, they go through a long play testing process to make sure everything is as balanced as possible on release. Knowing that, we have to assume with such a huge change to the game, they’ve probably playtested these cards over and over again already. If you want to play a VStar card, you’ll have to have a V of the same Pokémon as it evolves from a V card. You’ll need to be careful though because defeating a VStar card rewards the player with two prize cards. The VStar card has a one-use ability. With the Arceus card showcased in the video, that ability is to search your deck for any 2 cards and put them into your hand.

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