Best Pokémon Themed Switch Protection Cases To Buy From GameStop

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It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s traveling and buying gifts for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for a Switch case as a gift or for yourself when you’re traveling, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the best rated, reviewed, and good looking cases for your Nintendo Switch. Not only will they protect your Switch from getting scratched or cracked, they can also hold game cartridges and they look good while doing it. These can be used for your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. All of the links below lead to GameStop, when you make a purchase using our affiliate links we make a commission and you help the PokePatch website stay up, thank you!

1. Black and Gold Pikachu

With 60+ ratings on the Gamestop website and mostly 5 star reviews, it’s pretty easy to say this is a fan favorite case. It has a really cool looking black and gold graphic on the front, featuring Pikachu. It also has a unique pattern on the inside.

2. White Checkered Case

If you like a black and white theme, this case is for you. There’s a black and white checkered pattern on the front. It also has a yellow drop shadow on the Pikachu graphic, handle, and zipper.

3. 025 Pikachu Case

This case has a classic art style feel to it. The colors aren’t as saturated as others and the inside of the case has a pattern that features the gen 1 starter Pokémon.

4. Yellow Electric Case

This one is personally my favorite because it’s mainly a vibrant color that stands out. A bright yellow background with a contrasting, black graphic of Pikachu not only looks cool but it’ll be hard to lose.

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