Pokémon Fans Have Noticed Quality Control Issues & Damage in Celebrations Packs

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations Ultra Premium Damages

Celebrations is the newest addition to the Pokémon TCG and everyone’s going out and buying as much as they can find. It seems like with this overwhelming demand, the factories making these Pokémon cards have been working in overdrive and it shows. Not only has there been more supply with this new set compared to precious sets of packs, but people have found some weird misprints and errors while opening Celebrations packs.

Ultra Premium Collection Damages

The Ultra Premium Collection box is one of the most wanted products in the Pokémon TCG community right now, people are looking all over for the limited edition box and it seems like there’s not that many out there. Some retail stores only got a couple of these boxes and immediately sold out. This hype is due to this box containing 4 special cards that you can’t get anywhere else. 2 metal cards that are recreations of the classic base set Charizard and Pikachu and 2 recognizable gold colored cards, Pikachu V and Pokeball. For the few people that managed to get a hold of one, some people have reported that while opening their Premium Collection boxes, they’ve noticed the main cards have been damaged somehow. This Twitter user posted a pic of their Pikachu card with a chip on the top edge, stating their Charizard promo is the same way.

Others replied with similar stories and pictures of chipped corners and discolored cards. We’ve seen posts of similar things happening with other Celebrations promo cards such as Greninja Gold Star. If you find cards that are folded, crimped, chipped just know that you’re not alone. You can contact the retail store you bought it from or The Pokémon Center and talk to support about any damages. Comment below if you’ve experienced something similar or if you’ve gotten a response from support about this issue!

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