Will Pokémon Legends: Arceus Have TCG Booster Packs?

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Legends Arceus Booster Pack

The upcoming game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is bringing players a gameplay experience completely different from what fan of previous games are normally used to. That leaves Pokémon TCG players and collectors wondering how they can celebrate this new game’s release in the TCG world. There are several Arceus themed products and events coming from the Pokemon Company during the first part of 2022, as Legends will be releasing January 28th. Something Pokemon card collectors have noticed recently is they have been reprinting a lot of past Sword & Shield packs. Usually it’s pretty hard to find Sword & Shield base set, Vivid Voltage, and others that came out more than a year ago, but it seems they’re now putting these packs back on shelves in massive waves. This could mean they’re planning on ending the Sword and Shield generation, or it could just be them putting more inventory on shelves for the Holidays. If they’re ending this generation of the TCG, that would mean the next expansion might be Legends: Arceus booster packs. This is just speculation, of course, but there are a lot more TCG products that are related to Legends: Arceus.

Legends: Arceus Promo Card

There is an Arceus V card that is available only to those who a pre-order physical copy of Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Japan. This limited edition card will have the game’s logo on the front, labeling it as the only known card directly associated with this new game. For now it’s only available in Japan and there hasn’t been news about any English translation or other versions of this card. Regardless, it looks amazing and has a lot of potential to become really valuable to collectors in the near future.

Brilliant Stars Booster Packs

The Brilliant Stars expansion is the newest Sword & Shield addition to the Pokemon TCG. In this upcoming set, Arceus is the main focus with them being cover art for multiple products and promotional art. Thought, it’s not exactly a Legends: Arceus booster pack, it’s a great way for TCG enthusiasts to celebrate the release of the new game with several Arceus themed cards and the new VSTAR cards coming out as well.

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