What are Secret Rare Pokemon Cards?

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Usually called Rainbow Rare Pokemon Cards, these special cards are known as Secret Rares. They can be extremely rare and huge chase cards for some fans. If you’re lucky enough to pull one from a booster pack, you’ll know immediately that they stand out from the rest but there are other ways you can tell them apart from the usual rare cards.

How to Tell if a Pokemon Card is Secret Rare

The number on the bottom bottom left of a Pokemon card can tell you a lot of information. If you look, you’ll see a number formatted like a fraction. Here’s an example.

X / Y

Simply put, the X value identifies the card that you’ve pulled, and the Y value is how many cards are in the set it came from. For example, this _ is number _ in Astral Radiance and we know that this set has a total of _ known cards. However, there are usually more cards in each set than this Y value, these are called Secret Rares. If the X value on your card is higher than the Y value on your card, then you have pulled a Secret Rare card!

X > Y = Secret Rare

But how rare are Secret Rare cards?

How Rare Are Rainbow Pokemon Cards?

Secret Rares are usually a lot more rare than normal pulls, besides Alt Art cards in most cases. They can also become some of the most valuable cards in the set. Even if you pull a Secret Rare card that isn’t high in price, they always have a nice look and texture to them that makes them special. Not all Secret Rares have a rainbow tint, some of them are golden, and some have alternate art illustrations on them.

Where to Buy Booster Packs

If you’re looking to open some Pokemon booster packs for the chance to pull one of these Secret Rares, GameStop is a great source for that! Not only will you be getting packs from a trusted source, for a good price, PokePatch also earns commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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