How Rare Are Gold Pokemon Cards?

Pokepatch Pokemon gold cards

If you’ve been opening Pokemon cards for a while, you may have noticed there are some cards that have a golden face and texture. If you haven’t seen these or noticed them, that’s normal as these are usually very rare and sometimes expensive. However, there are different types of golden Pokemon cards and many aren’t available in booster packs. Here are the gold Pokemon cards out there and how to get them.

Golden Secret Rares

Secret Rare cards are usually very rare with an average pull rate of 3%. On top of this low pull rate, not all Secret Rares are Golden Rares so cut that in half to about a 1.5% chance to pull a golden secret rare when opening packs. This number is just an average and will change depending on what set you’re opening. Looking up the pull rates of the set that you’re opening and looking for the secret rare pull rates will give you a better idea of your odds.

Gold Plated Pokemon Cards

All gold plated Pokemon cards are limited edition items and can’t be pulled out of booster packs. These come with special collection boxes or special promotions. The oldest gold plated cards came from Burger King in 1999 and can only be bought from 3rd party sellers nowadays. Even newer gold cards or metal cards, like the ones from the Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection box from 2021 are very expensive and hard to come by. It’s safe to say if The Pokemon Company decides to make more metal or gold cards similar to these, they’ll be very collectable and sell out quickly.

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