What’s Inside New Pokemon Halloween BOOster Packs?

Pokepatch Pokemon halloween booster packs whats inside

Halloween is right around the corner! This time of year, fans of the Pokemon TCG often find themselves giving out packs of Pokemon cards to kids for Halloween. It’s a healthy alternative to the sugary sweets and a way to share Pokemon hobby with the next generation. This year those fans will have another option besides regular booster packs. The Pokemon Company announced there will be Halloween themed booster packs coming out this year! Seasonal Pokemon cards and packs aren’t usually holiday themed, so this is a first! The release date is September 1st, 2022, and they’ll be available on the Pokemon Center website. This is quite a ways away from Halloween on October 31st but hopefully this mean they have a lot printed and there will be plenty to go around until the end of October.

Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle

These new Halloween Pokemon cards will be found in a bag called the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle, which will contain 40 mini packs. This is rumored to cost about $14.99. At $0.38 a pack, that’s one of the cheapest Pokemon packs ever as the price for the usual sets are around $4.00 per pack. Since this is a special set, each pack will only come with 3 cards but there are holos in the set so it’s not just common cards. Cards in this set seem to be reprints of previous sets, so there might not be any new art, but each card will be stamped with a special Pikachu pumpkin icon, setting it apart from other cards. There likely won’t be anything rare in these packs as it’s just a small set of cards to give out to kids. This is probably a way to deter people from buying the packs just to open themselves. These are meant to be given away, but no one will blame you for opening a couple, yourself.

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