How to Open Pokemon Cards – Card Trick for Each Set

Pokepatch Pokemon card trick explained

If you’re new to opening Pokemon card packs, you may have noticed cards are out of order in the pack. The order in which cards are not randomized, there’s a method to it. From opening the pack to revealing the cards, there are certain ways to do things that can enhance your experience and a lot of fans have normalized opening packs in this methodic way. Here’s how to open and how to reveal Pokemon cards.

Opening Booster Packs

First things first, when opening a Pokemon booster pack, try your best to not bend or cut any of the cards. Some people cut packs open with scissors, which can be a regrettable idea if you accidently cut the top off of a rare card. The easiest way to open a pack is to grab the flap on the back and pinch the front. Gently pull the pack apart until the pack opens, you shouldn’t have to put that much pressure and if you do, you might bend the cards. Once you get the cards out of the pack, there is a way to sort them so the last card you reveal is the rare or holo.

Take cards from the Back

While facing the cards down, meaning the Pokemon logo is facing you, grab x amount of cards from the side closest to you (the back) and put them in the front of the pack. This will make it so the 2nd to last card will be a reverse holo and the last card will be your rare, holo, or better. The Pokemon Company probably choses to sort their booster packs this way so that it positions the rarest card in the middle of the pack. This provides the most protection to it because it will be the last card to get bent or damaged if something happens to the pack. This goes for any modern packs after Sun & Moon but if you’re opening a special set or a pack that’s older, the card trick will be slightly different. Here are the card tricks for each set of Pokemon cards.

Card Trick for Each Pokemon Set

  • Scarlet & Violet1 card from the back
  • Sword & Shield4 cards
  • Sun & Moon4 cards
  • XY3 cards
  • Black & White3 cards
  • HS3 cards
  • Platinum3 cards
  • Diamond & Pearl3 cards
  • Aquapolis2 cards
  • Fossil3 cards
  • Jungle3 cards
  • Base Set3 cards

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