The New BGS Slab vs The Old One

Pokepatch new BGS slab

New BGS Label

At, you can see a lot of new projects BGS is working on. Out of these projects the one that has everyone’s attention is the new slab design. BGS or Beckett Grading Services grade the quality and authenticity of collectable cards like Pokemon cards and put them in a protective slab. The design of that protective case has stayed the same for years, until now. The new design isn’t much different but has their new logo and a font change. Here you can see the difference between the new and old BGS slabs.

A tweet by @ThoseBackPages recently got a lot of collector’s attention. Many replies say they don’t like the new design. It could be because people are just used to the old slab that they don’t like the new one. It has a more modern look compared to the old one so it may take away some of the nostalgic feel for some collectors but it’s all subjective. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

Beckett Collect App

Along with the new BSG slab design, they’re also making an app called Beckett Collect. This will let you track your collection, sales data for cards, and let you browse tons of other collectable cards out there. Whether you love it or hate it, Beckett is trying new things to refresh their brand and platform. We’ll have to see if these changes stick and how the community responds to them in the long run, but it is nice seeing some new designs from a reputable grading service.

3 thoughts on “The New BGS Slab vs The Old One

  1. Hate the new logo! Who changes their logo like that? What if Nike changed their logo? They change their shoes but the logo remains forever. Beckett can change the slab creating a newer sleeker looking slab but with the same logo. Instead, the app is great! The ordering process is awful but Beckett has some of the worst customer service and communication in any industry. The foundation to any marriage is always communication and if the customers feel loved by Beckett but this is a senior leadership issue.

  2. The new slab design is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.. I hope they cancel this and keep the old one, otherwise I’m switching to PSA..

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