What is Terastal Energy and Tera Orbs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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A new trailer of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games released and revealed a game changing mechanic! There is something in the Paldea region known as the Terastal Phenomenon that affects Pokemon and can give you the upper hand in battler. Many fans are asking what are Tera Pokemon and how does Terastalization work?

What Does Terastallizing Do?

Terastallizing is the newest gimmick in the Pokemon franchise. Similar to Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing your Pokemon in Sword & Sheild, Pokemon Scartlet & Violet has Terastallizing Pokemon. When you terastallize your Pokemon, a Tera jewel appears above the Pokemon and makes them shine like a crystal or cut gemstone. But it doesn’t just change the way your Pokemon looks, it also makes it more powerful and can even change your Pokemon’s type. This can be used in battle to counter other types of Pokemon with something that doesn’t traditionally do well against that certain type. This Terastallization will last until the end of the battle.

Tera Type

Each Pokemon will have a Tera Type. This is the type the Pokemon will turn into when it Terastallizes. It seems like you won’t be able to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type and they’ll be permanent. This means you’ll want to catch more Pokemon until you get one with a good Tera Type. Pokemon with Rare Tera Types are more likely to spawn in Raid Battles!

What are Tera Orbs?

To Terastallize your Pokemon, you’ll need a Tera Orb. Only certain trainers are allowed to have a Tera Orb, so you’ll need to progress in the game until you unlock one. Once you get a Tera Orb you can Terastalize your Pokemon. Tera Orbs can only be used once until it’s recharged again. To recharge a Tera Orb, you’ll need to refill it by touching crystals with Terastal Energy around the Paldea region or by resting at a Pokemon Center.

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