Top 5 Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards

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Where To Buy Pokemon Cards

Sometimes it can be difficult to find Pokemon cards from a trusted source and for a good price. Earlier this year, it was hard to find Pokemon cards in stock at all! Luckily in store stock has gotten a lot better, but it’s good to know where you should be getting your TCG products from. If you’re looking for where to buy cheap Pokemon cards, there are plenty of places where you can get good deals without worrying about the packs being resealed or fake. Here are the best places to get Pokemon cards.

Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center is an official Pokemon website and is one of the main places to get Pokemon booster packs. You can’t buy indivdual cards from this website, but they have tons of Pokemon related stuff like clothes, plushies, figures, TCG products, and a lot more. Since it’s directly from The Pokemon Company, many fans go here for their booster packs and ETBs but there are other sources where you may find a better deal.


GameStop is one of the best sources for sealed Pokemon products. Not only are you getting it from a trusted source, but they often have good prices, sales, deals, and their powerup rewards pro program can save you a lot of money if you find yourself buying Pokemon cards at least once a month. By signing up for their pro rewards program, you’ll get a $10 welcome reward in points, a $5 monthly reward, and you’ll earn more points with each purchase! PokePatch earns a commission from qualifying purchases from GameStop, so you’ll also be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

Ebay and TCGPlayer

Two online platforms that are great for Pokemon card collectors and players are Ebay and TCGPlayer. These websites are specifically good for obtaining specific chase cards that you want. You can also buy packs from them but they’re usually the go to places for individual cards. You can even use these websites to sell your own cards. The prices are based on the current market in the Pokemon community, so they’re usually pretty accurate and you can see how much your Pokemon cards are worth.

Local Card Shops

Local card shops, often called an LCS in the Pokemon community, can be a great source for individual cards and booster packs. Prices will vary drastically depending on which one you go to and where you live, so make sure to visit a few local card stores before you make a decision on which one is better. Find one that will give you the best deal and you may find yourself coming back more often if they treat their customers right.

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