Pokémon Makes Statement About Card Availability & Scaplers

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG celebrations reprint

An official statement from the Pokemon Support team came out yesterday regarding people having issues with buying Pokémon TCG products. Many of us have had trouble getting our hands on some TCG sets because every store we go to, everything is sold out and out of stock. In the update they state “we are actively working to print more of the impacted Pokémon TCG products as quickly as possible”. This means we will see more reprints of recent sets, most likely more Celebrations than anything else because of how much The Pokémon Company has been promoting it recently. The Celebrations set is bigger than any set we’ve been in years so everyone is buying it up but we’ve also seen that this set has been printed more than previous sets. The fact that even after printing more cards than usual, stores are still selling out of these packs, shows how much people want this product. It seems like The Pokémon Company has no problem making that more available, as they’ll make more money and make collectors a lot happier.

If you’re still looking for product availability for Celebrations or Fusion Strike packs, don’t buy from scalpers and be patient. You’ll have your chance to buy more packs as soon as possible. If you’d like to get updates on stock availability, check out our article on how to find stores that aren’t sold out.

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