How People Are Getting Free Pokémon Card Packs

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG free packs

How to Get Free Packs

With Celebrations just releasing and Fusion Strike coming out soon, a lot of people are buying Pokémon cards lately. It’s been a huge conversation on Twitter lately where the best place to buy Pokémon cards is. Many people are saying GameStop is the best place mostly because of their rewards program. Their PowerUp Rewards Pro membership gives you points that you can spend to buy new packs of Pokémon cards and the points are actually easy to earn! When you subscribe you get 10,000 points ($10) instantly and an extra 5,000 points ($5) for every month you’re subscribed. That’s more than 1 free pack per month. The best part is you’re getting all of those free packs for only the price of $14.99 a YEAR. So if you’re someone who not only buys Pokémon cards a lot, but you see yourself buying packs a year from now, this program is perfect for you.

Early Access to New Pokémon Cards

Not only do you get reward points that you can spend on Pokémon cards, but many people have noticed this graphic on their page that promotes PowerUp Rewards. It states that the subscribers of this program get early access to new drops and that includes Pokémon cards! This means if you’re a Pro member you have a better chance at ordering new Pokémon cards when their stock refills. This is really helpful for people that want a chance to buy cards before they’re out of stock, which happens a lot nowadays. There are of course other perks you get for being a Pro member, but we just want to focus on the Pokémon related ones here. If you’d like, you can check out more information about PowerUp Rewards and if you use our link, we’ll earn a commission and you’ll be helping the PokePatch website stay up. Thank you!

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