How to Create, Join, & Invite People to Squads in Pokémon Unite

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What are Unite Squads?

In the recent Pokémon Unite update, squads were added along with the mobile release and Season 2 battle pass. A squads is a team of up to 30 players. You can invite your friends or other players to your squad or join someone else’s squad. This feature is for people the want to play more cooperatively with a team instead of solo queuing or playing by themselves. This will allow for more team communication in and outside of a match.

How to Create a Squad in Pokémon Unite

In the menu, select Unite Squad. From here you’ll select the option on the left that says “Create Unite Squad”. From here, you’ll be able to create a custom name and description for your personal squad, add tags, and change join restrictions. Tags describe what kind of players you’re looking for to join your squad. Lastly, you’ll press save and this will create your new squad! You can now invite people and play with your squad.

Step by step guide:

  1. Open trainer menu
  2. Select Unite Squad
  3. Select Create Unite Squad
  4. Add custom options
  5. Press save

How to Join a Squad in Pokémon Unite

To join a squad is similar to creating one. You’ll need to navigate to the trainer menu, select Unite Squad. For joining an existing squad, you’ll press “Join Unite Squad” on the right of the screen. A search menu will pop up and you can type in a squad name, ID, or tags to search for a squad to join.

Step by step guide:

  1. Open trainer menu
  2. Select Unite Squad
  3. Select Join Unite Squad
  4. Search Squad ID
  5. Request to join

How to Invite someone to a Squad in Pokémon Unite

To invite your friends or another player to your squad you can give them your squad name or squad ID. Squad name is more simple, but the squad ID is more reliable because it’s a unique ID so they don’t accidentally join the wrong squad.

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