Weird Celebrations Errors & Misprints from the New Pokémon TCG Set

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations errors and misprints

Celebrations just released this week and there have been amazing pulls left and right leaving everyone satisfied and showing off their new cards. Some of these cards people are showing off online have looked strange though. These are usually due to manufacturing errors and misprints. Since it’s only been a few days since the official release, we haven’t been able to see all of misprints out there. Every time a new set drops, there are several errors that get discovered way after the set was released.

Holographic Line

A user on Reddit posted a picture of a Zekrom holo card with a horizontal holographic stripe in the middle of the art. The line looks very straight and it doesn’t just look like some random scratch. This hasn’t been seen before and many comments are suggesting that this isn’t a misprint, and that it’s just a damaged card. Regardless, it looks pretty cool and many are wondering how it happened and if we’ll see more of these errors in cards. It’s a little too early to know if this misprint is one of a kind or if we’ll see more like this coming out of Celebrations packs.

Upside Down Pikachu

Another error many people have noticed is upside down packaging. A recent tweet and YouTube video from LeonHart showed him opening a Pikachu V-Union box, except it wasn’t the normal V-Union box you see. All of the cards and packs are upside-down. Not only that but one of the Pikachu V-Union cards are a duplicate! This leaves LeonHart with only 3 of the 4 V-Union cards and an extra duplicate of one. This has been seen in multiple V-Union boxes this week so be on the look out when purchasing these.

Holo Bleed

A more common error that has been found in many Celebrations cards is holo bleeding. This is when the holographic sparkles aren’t only on the art but the entire card. This isn’t normally supposed to happen but has been found on several Celebrations cards. These cards are pretty valuable to error card collectors but are better ungraded. Grading a holo bleed card will most likely give you a lower grade than normal and devalue the card.

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