How to Change Your Trainer Name in Pokemon Unite

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How To Change Trainer Name in Pokemon Unite

Your Pokemon Unite trainer name is not your username, but your screen name. It’s the name everyone sees before, during, and after a match. It’s also a way other players can identify who you are when they’re adding you to their friends list. The only way to change your screen name in Pokémon Unite is to buy a Rename Card in the Aoes Emporium. This item costs 100 Aoes gems, so you’ll have to buy Aoes Gems before you buy the Rename Card, unless you already have enough.

Step by step guide

Here’s a step by step guide on how to change your name on Pokemon Unite:

  1. Open the Aeos Emporium
  2. Buy Rename Card in Items tab
  3. Go to Item Box in menu
  4. Go to Consumable Items
  5. Use the Rename Card

Are Trainer Names Unique?

You can not change your Pokemon Unite trainer name to something that is already taken. Your trainer name in Pokémon Unite is unique. Usually this would defeat the purpose of an ID after the screen name but the trainer ID is still used to add friends. Note that changing your trainer name will not change your trainer ID.

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