Orders From Pokémon Center Are Being Canceled and Customers Are Not Happy

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations Center canceled order

One of the biggest sets of the Pokemon TCG recently released called Celebrations. This set celebrates the 25 year anniversary of the Pokemon franchise through recreations of fan favorite Pokemon cards. With this featuring many amazing cards that fans want, the demand for these cards has sky-rocketed and the Pokemon Center hasn’t been able to keep up. A Tweet from @LA_Batman_ shows that their order from the Pokemon Center website for Celebrations packs has been canceled due to overwhelming demand.

Many others replied saying they have received the same email stating their orders have been canceled. Customers that were expecting to get these products shipped to them are naturally disappointed to see they won’t be receiving them. Especially after waiting so long for these boxes and packs to be shipped. If they want to get packs specifically from the Pokémon Center, they’ll have to wait for a restock and order them again. This unexpected incident is leading people to buying products overpriced from resellers, which is not worth it in the long run. Sure, you’ll get packs sooner but they’ll be overpriced and you will be funding scalpers so they’ll buy more products and lead to more products selling out in the future. The Pokémon Support team released a statement saying they’re working on making more of these sold out products available again. This hints to a huge reprint in Celebrations packs. Not only will more Celebrations boxes be released soon but if they’re being reprinted, we’ll all have plenty of chances to buy more very soon. Hang in there and keep your eyes peeled!

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