How To Use Voice Chat in Pokémon Unite

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite How to enable voice chat

Voice chat is a very helpful tool in most MOBA style games, such as Pokémon Unite. You’ll want to be able to communicate and talk to others to cooperate and plan your next moves, making it easier for your team to win. Here’s how you can enable voice chat in Pokémon Unite.

Step by step

  1. Connect wired or wireless headset to your Nintendo Switch
  2. Join/start a Unite Battle
  3. While in battle, press the ‘+’ plus button to open the menu
  4. Press the ‘-‘ minus button to open settings
  5. Scroll down to “Voice Chat Settings”
  6. Turn on Incoming if you want to hear others
  7. Turn on Outgoing if you want to speak to others

Incoming vs Outgoing

In the voice chat settings there are multiple options that you can select. Incoming, Incoming Range, and Outgoing. When you turn on Incoming, this will allow you to hear other players speak if they have voice chat enabled. When the Outgoing setting is switched to On, you will be able to speak to your team and they will hear you. The Incoming Range setting lets you specify who you want to communicate with. If you just want to talk with your friends that you invited, select “Team: Invited”. Otherwise, if you have “Team: All” selected, everyone on your team that also has voice chat enabled will be able to communicate with you.

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