A New Pokémon Has Been Teased and Theories Are Already Brewing

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A tweet came the official @Pokemon Twitter account today “Calling all Trainers!”. It states a discovery has been made in the Hisui region. This region is for the upcoming game, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Below the tweet is a video that contains mysterious footage of someone traveling in the snow and documenting their travels by recording with some video device. It looks like something out of a horror movie, which is just in time for Halloween. The person in the video runs into an “adorable” and “fluffy” looking Pokémon but soon after we hear loud noises and we can only assume they were attacked by this Pokémon as they approached it. It’s not the first time a cute looking Pokémon has more strength than expected.

What Is The New Pokémon?

Fans all over the internet are theorizing what this Pokémon might be. Is it a Hisui version of a Pokémon we recognize? Or is it a completely new Pokémon we’ve never seen before? What we’re sure of is this; In the footage captured, the person describes the following:

  • There’s a mysterious air
  • Not a Growlithe
  • Not a Vulpix
  • Tip of it’s tail is red and swaying
  • It’s Adorable
  • Fluffy, white fur on top of it’s head and around it’s neck
  • Round and yellow eyes

Several replies mentioned that Snorunt can be seen in a frame of the video and the subtitles have the word “runt” in it but the Pokémon they’re describing doesn’t sound like a Snorunt at all. If the Pokémon they were attacked by isn’t a Snorunt, we’ll surely be seeing more of it in this region. Others mentioned the features loosely match Rock Ruff, Flareon, Fennekin, Flaafy, and several others. One of the most liked replies below the tweet is this image of a fan drawing of a Hisuian Zorua, drawn by @DerDennis218. It may be a Zorua, as it matches the description pretty well, but even if it’s not, it’s cool to see the community working together to create artwork and theories on what this new Pokémon will look like. Comment below what you think the new Pokémon will be!

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