Will Pokemon Legends Arceus Have TMs or Technical Machines?

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus TMs Technical Machines

The release of the newest game in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Legends Arceus, is less than a month away now and we still don’t know everything there is to know about this title. Considering there’s already a lot of hype for the new unexplored region, time period, and game mechanics, this mystery aspect of the game has created even more hype than it already had. Questions about how items will work in Legends Arceus have been circulating in the community lately. Though, we’ll get the answers to these questions when the game releases, it’s fun to speculate on what might be. Upon those questions is will TMs be in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Here’s what we know so far.

What Are TMs?

TM stand for Technical Machine. These Technical Machines are used on Pokemon in your party so they can learn certain moves or abilities. This helps balance your team or give a specific Pokemon better moves. TMs are featured in almost all other Pokemon games, so why would it be any different with Legends Arceus?

Will Pokemon Legends Arceus Have TMs?

TMs are a pretty big part of building a team in Pokemon. For this reason, it’s reasonable to assume Pokemon Legends Arceus will have TMs or at least something similar. The problem is, during the time period of the Hisui region, electronics did not exist for the most part, with one exception. Another part of the Pokemon franchise we can look at for more information is the Pokemon TCG. In recent TCG expansion sets, instead of seeing Technical Machine cards, we’ve been seeing a lot of scroll cards. Having Scrolls instead of Technical Machines would match the Legends Arceus theme perfectly as it takes place far back in time. Using scrolls would presumably have the same effect and function the same way as TMs in other Pokemon games that take place in the present or future.

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