Free Pokemon Legends Arceus Giveaway From PokePatch

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Twitter Giveaway

PokePatch started halfway through 2021 and it’s already growing exponentially as a source of Pokemon information. We want to thank everyone who follows our content and expand our reach by hosting our first giveaway. We’re giving away a free digital copy of the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Updated Giveaway

The tweet below has updated information on the February Giveaway

How To Enter The Giveaway (Old One)

To get a chance at a free digital copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus the rules are simple. Just go to this Tweet below, retweet it and make sure you’re following the @PokePatchNews Twitter account. The winner of the contest will be randomly chosen on January 27th, one day before the release of Legends Arceus, and contacted through Twitter direct message. We will not ask for any payment or personal information, so if you get messages asking for information like that, don’t do it and message us so we can stop the potential scammer.

What Is PokePatch?

PokePatch is not just a source for news, updates, and patches but a platform for questions, curiosity, and theories about new Pokemon content. This way, it’s not just the same news you see coming from every other forum or website but other interesting topics that no one else is talking about. PokePatch started last year and is still a small website but in 2022 we want to grow our own community and provide information to the Pokemon community as a whole. This giveaway will allow us to reach more people and give back to those who are following and supporting our content.

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