Will Pokemon Legends Arceus Have Co-op Play?

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus coop 2 players

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the newest Pokemon game in the franchise. Despite it’s release only being less than a month away, there’s still a lot of information fans don’t know about the game. One question a lot of fans are asking is will Pokemon Legends Arceus have co-op play? We’ve talked about multiplayer features such as trading in another PokePatch article, but co-op play is different from other multiplayer features. When we talk about co-op, we’re specifically talking about battling with or exploring the Hisui region alongside a friend.

2 Players in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Many people have noticed Pokemon Legends Arceus is listed as “up to 2 players” on the official Nintendo Store. This is one of the best pieces of evidence pointing towards a co-op experience being available in Legends Arceus. A user who replied to our Tweet below mentioned that Let’s Go Pikachu on the same Switch eShop also says “up to 2 players”. In Pokemon: Let’s Go, another player can join your game, follow you as you explore, and even help you battle other trainers. Trading is also a feature in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl but that game is only listed as “1 player” on the eShop. This suggests that Pokemon Legends Arceus has more multiplayer features than just trading. On the flip side, we haven’t seen anything in trailers or promotional material that points towards coop being in PLA. It looks like a feature like this could function and be a very popular mechanic in this game but we’ll have to wait until more information comes out to know if it exists for sure. We’ll update this article with new information as it’s released.

Other Multiplayer Features

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