All Preorder Bonuses For Pokemon Legends Arceus in US

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus All preorder bonuses in US

With Pokemon Legends Arceus exploring new regions, time periods, and game mechanics, it’s no wonder this game has generated as much hype as it has. This game has the potential to be one of the biggest Pokemon games. This hype leads to a lot of fans preordering the game and these preordered copies usually come with a bonus of some sort. Bonuses differ depending on where you purchase the game from. You want to make sure the bonus you get is that one you want. Here are the most popular options in the US.

Pokemon Center Preorder Bonus

The Official Pokemon website, Pokemon Center is offering easily one of the best bonuses for pre-ordering. Your copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus will come with a plush of Arceus. You can only get this from the Pokemon Center.

GameStop Preorder Bonus

Gamestop also offers a really cool exclusive physical bonus when you pre-order Legends Arceus. With your copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus will also include art cards. If you’re having the item shipped, these may come in a separate envelope, which is usually how these bonuses are distributed to keep them safe. If you’re picking up the item from a store, the bonus item will be available at the time of pickup. The art features a map of the Hisui region, various Pokemon, and the Trainers in Legends Arceus.

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Amazon Preorder Bonus

Amazon’s pre-order bonus is unique from many others as it’s an in game trainer outfit. You’ll get a Garchomp Kimono set, seen below. It features the complimentary Garchomp colors, while sticking to the theme of Hisui’s time period.

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How To Claim Garchomp Kimono Set

You’ll receive your digital copy of the game on Janurary 28th through an email that will be sent to you. You should recieve this email on 1/28/2022 but the code is only valid through 5/16/2022. Make sure you redeem the code by this date. Once you start up the game you’ll have access to this trainer outfit.

Nintendo eShop Preorder Bonus

When you preorder Pokemon Legends Arceus directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop, you’ll have access to two items that are available to all early purchasers. These mystery gift items are the Hisuian Growlithe Kimono set and a Baneful Fox Mask that is wearable by your trainer. You’ll also get an exclusive bonus that you can only get from the eShop, which is 30 Heavy Balls. A code will be emailed to you and you’ll be able to redeem these through the Mystery Gifts feature in-game.

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