Why Fusion Strike’s Code Cards Look Different

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike new code cards

When opening Pokemon cards you might have noticed the first card in the pack is always a redeemable code card. In previous sets they were either green or white, depending on the rarity of the cards in the pack. In the new Pokemon TCG set, Fusion Strike they’ve changed the design. All code cards are white and some feature black borders on them. This change is to promote the upcoming Pokemon TCG Live game that will be releasing some time next year, replacing the old game, Pokemon TCG Online. You can redeem these codes online for virtual packs that you can open and play the online TCG with. The new TCG Live has had some backlash due to not supporting some features that the community wants but hopefully that changes in the future.

The Difference Between Black and White Borders

If you open a pack and the code card’s borders are black, there is likely a holographic rare or better in the pack. In turn, if the code card’s borders are plain white, there’s most likely a non-holo, regular rare in the pack. Many people don’t look at the code card while opening packs because they like the element of surprise but this is how you can tell if there is a holo rare in a Fusion Strike pack.

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