RareCandy’s 2nd Drop Features Giveaways and Opening Vintage Packs on Livestream

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Rarecandy 2nd drop event

RareCandy is a new website that is planned to become a platform for buying rare Pokémon cards and collectables from a trusted source. To promote this upcoming platform they’re hosting events and livestreams where Leonhart, a popular Poketuber, opens vintage packs live on YouTube. The last livestream they did, Leonhart opened several old Base Set Shadowless packs and even pulled the famous classic Charizard card. This rare expensive card can go for up to $50,000 or $300,000 if it’s first edition. The best part about this is all of these cards go to fans. Fans buy the packs they want, the packs get opened by Leonhart on the stream, and are sent to the buyer.

How To Buy Packs / Enter The Draw

This time around they’re selling Legendary Collection packs, Fusion Strike booster boxes, and Jungle First Edition booster packs. Legendary Collection packs and Fusion Strike booster boxes that are bought will not be opened on livestream and will be shipped sealed. The Jungle 1st Edition packs will be opened on livestream and shipped to the buyers opened. To buy these packs, you can go to www.RareCandy.com, select the packs you want and enter the draw. This means, since there’s so many people that want these packs, you may or may not be chosen as a winner. If you’re the winner, you’ll be able to buy the packs, if you’re not chosen you’ll still be entered for a giveaway.

How To Enter Giveaways

The website also states they’re giving away 3 free Team Rocket Booster Packs to fans who register for the drops and view the Leonhart livestream. These packs they’re giving away will be broken / opened on livestream as well and send to the lucky winners. To enter the giveaway for a chance to win a Team Rocket booster pack, you’ll have to enter the draw. Whether you win or not, you’ll still be eligible for the giveaway. Just make sure you’re watching the livestream on Saturday to see if you’ve won. The previous drop also had giveaways for people that joined their Discord. There’s no information on any extra giveaways like that this time but there could be more free giveaways in the future.

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