5 Rarest Cards in Pokémon Celebrations TCG Set

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG rarest cards to pull in Celebrations

A reddit user posted a case study in the r/PokemonTCG subreddit that has been very useful to people chasing certain cards in the new Celebrations Pokémon TCG set. The post details the amount of times they pulled each card out of 778 packs opened. A card being rare doesn’t mean it’s among the most valuable cards in Celebrations. Here’s a ranked list of the rarest and hardest cards to pull from the Celebrations set.

1. Tapu Lele GX

You were probably expecting Charizard or something to be up here at number 1. This card isn’t what people expect as the rarest card in the Celebrations set, but from this study it seems like it is. The record shows a chance of 1/x to get this card, meaning you’ll have to open x packs on average to pull this card. This could be an outlier or just a really rare card. Either way, it has some amazing art with an underrated Pokémon all around.

2. Mewtwo EX

There’s a 1 in x chance to pull Mewtwo EX from Celebrations, making it the second rarest card in the set. It’s also a nice remake of an early EX style card many people would love to add to their collection.

3. Shiny Golden Mew

This may not be a remake of an old card, but still quickly became a fan favorite from Celebrations. This Shiny Gold Mew card is in 1 out of every x packs on average according to this study. It’s also so wanted, it’s among the most expensive and valuable cards in the Celebrations set as well.

4. Gold Star Umbreon

The Umbreon Gold Star remake card is another card many fans and collectors are chasing and is proving to be hard to get. The pull rate is 1/111.

5. Shining Magikarp

Similar to the Gold Star Umbreon, you also have a 1/111 chance of pulling the Shining Magikarp card from Celebrations. Because it is another card that is chased by many, it makes it a little more scarce than others with the same rarity rating.

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