5 Most Valuable Cards in Pokémon Celebrations TCG Set

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG most valuable cards to pull in Celebrations

The Pokémon TCG set, Celebrations, is one of the most anticipated and sold trading card game sets we’ve seen in a while. That’s because this set features new and old cards that are remakes and re-imagined art of beloved classic Pokémon cards to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Naturally some of the more nostalgic and rare cards are the most valuable. But the most valuable doesn’t always mean its among the rarest cards in the Celebrations set. Here’s a list of the most expensive cards you can pull in Celebrations as of November 2021. These prices will change over time.

1. Charizard ~$150

This card doesn’t need an introduction as it’s probably the most popular and well known card out of all Pokémon cards. This is a remake of the original base set Charizard, which is one of the most expensive Pokémon cards out there. An original shadowless version of this card in gem mint condition sold for more than $300,000. This remake version is obviously not as rare but it is still wanted by many and that means people are willing to pay for it. This will most likely stay number 1 in this list as the most expensive card in Celebrations.

2. Shiny Gold Mew ~$60

Unlike the Charizard, this Shiny Golden Mew card isn’t a remake of an older card, but a new one. Even though it’s not an old card, the art still looks amazing and Mew has always been a fan favorite. This card is also quite hard to pull and is pretty rare. All these factors combined makes it the second most expensive card in the set.

3. Umbreon Gold Star ~$50

This is another nostalgic card for many people to pull. The Umbrella Gold Star is a remake of an older card that many people love and collectors are always looking to add recognizable old art to their collection.

4. Shining Magikarp ~$30

Shining Magikarp is another remake of an older card that doesn’t just feature any Magikarp, but a shiny Magikarp. This is another rare card that is difficult to pull. It may not be super holographic but for people that like the older Pokémon cards, this one is a must have.

5. Blastoise & Venusaur ~$15

Though the Blastoise and Venusaur cards aren’t as hard to pull as many other cards in this set, they are still wanted by many collectors. These are similar to the Charizard, as they’re recreations of the base set cards. The difference being Charizard is more popular among fans and more rare.

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