What is the Arc Phone in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the newest installment of a Switch game in the Pokémon universe that is set to come out January 28th, 2022. Instead of battling challengers like usual, the gameplay will mainly be focused on adventure and exploration of the Hisui region. You’ll be able to explore the area and catch wild Pokémon in ways we’ve never seen before. In this upcoming game there has been a device constantly teased in trailers called the Arc Phone but we haven’t been shown the specific capabilities of this strange device just yet. Here’s the information we have so far.

What does the Arc Phone do?

Many have compared the Arc Phone to the Sheikah Slate we’ve seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are plenty of times Pokémon Legends has been compared to this Zelda game and this is another example of that. The Sheikah Slate is used for setting markers on your map and used as a camera. It also has magic abilities, like freezing time and unlocking certain areas. The Arc Phone will probably have some magical abilities as well considering its a technology from the future, possibly brought back by Arceus.

Theories about the Arc Phone

If you don’t know already, Arceus is known as the longest living Pokémon that possibly created the entire Pokémon world. They’re also known for halting and bending time as well as creating things. This Pokémon has extraordinary capabilities and having a device named after this Pokémon might wield some of that power. This device is referred to as strange because it doesn’t fit in the timeline of the game. Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes place far in the past, when phones and such devices didn’t exist. So why does our character have one? Some fans are theorizing that the character we play as is from the future. Others think the device was created by Arceus, themselves and given to our character for a purpose we don’t know yet. There’s only one way to find out the truth and that’s to play the game ourselves.

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